Jv KingCo entries

coaches are still finalizing their entries

you can check the blog on Monday for finalized list of jv KingCo entries

If you are only an alternate in varsity KingCo you may also run at jv KingCo if you don’t end up competing Wednesday

bus will leave Thursday at 2:15 pm for Eastlake high school, out of class at 2:00 pm

Entries by event 

Entries by athlete

by athlete

Kingco Athletes Check Events

All coaches and Athletes Triple check your events on this link– Kingco Varsity Athletes-PDF

Congrats to those who made it!

If there is something you are in (this INCLUDES ALTERNATES) and you want to scratch that event email Coach Ryker and Coach Silva ASAP

If something seems incorrect Please also email ASAP

Monday at 12 pm is scratch deadline but it will be difficult for Tracy and I to respond to emails that day. Please have all scratches to us by 8:30 PM SUNDAY NIGHT. After this, it is scratch one event=scratch all events


Fill your belly before the championships.

This Monday we have reserved the commons from 5-8pm for the pasta feed.

Please plan on bringing food to share and tell Ella Mckillop, Spencer Haas, or Darwin what you are planning to bring ASAP 🙂

KingCo entries

Kingco entries by athlete

by event

KingCo heat sheets

Athletes if you are not in an event or your time is wrong please email me.

If you are in an event you do not want to be in please email me. As it is scratch one scratch all events after Monday at 12pm.

We still need a parent volunteer each day both Wednesday and Friday of Kingco at shot put.


If you can volunteer please email lovelessj@gmail.com


All running start kids if you do not get your grades in to Mr. Ande by Friday morning you can not compete in last chance or twlight. You can email your grades to Mr. Ande directly.

Any athletes who were failing at Q3 need to get your grades up and talk to Mr. Ande by Friday morning as well or you will not be able to compete in Last Chance or Twlight.

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