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Supplemental Exercises to do Away from IHS Gym

Weightlifting: Learning the Clean 

Notes and References for Throwers

  1. Throws Techniques Resources

Shot and Disc:

Bowman Throws, instructional videos for both disc and shot, from beginning to more advanced material:

Intro to Shot Glide Technique, Throws Coach:

Sandra Perkovic, disc, footage of series with excellent camera angle:


Just Fly Sports:

Thomas Roehler:

  1. Weightlifting Resources

Bench Press, Dead Lift, Squat and General Power Lifting Fundamentals

Layne Norton. 15 minute YouTube tutorials on Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press with excellent visuals on proper execution and injury prevention:

Power Lifting Technique.  Wide range of articles and videos on all aspects of power lifting:

Olympic/Advanced Dynamic Lifts

Catalyst Athletics. Excellent videos on technique:

  1. Shoes and Gear

Caution:  Be aware of return policies and associated timelines before you purchase. Verify fit and comfort indoors before you subject the shoes to outdoor wear and likely a no return situation.

Local Businesses: 

Super Jock and Jill, Redmond/Seattle.  Limited supply of shot/disc and javelin shoes in the $80-100 range, with a 15% discount for high school athletes.

Plateau Runner, Issaquah.  Limited supply of shot/disc shoes in the $100 range

On-Line: Several retailers appear to have a wide range of shoes and sizes for all throws events:

Dick Pond Athletics:


You may also want to search and check out:  VS Athletics, First to the Finish, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, all of which offer some throw shoes options

Javelin Shoe Option:  The J Heel can also be coupled with a track spike shoe that has cushioned sole structure (such as a long jump, hurdle, or distance shoe) to provide another option for javelin throwers.  This may be your most economical approach if you already have appropriate spiked shoes.  Cost is $20-30, widely available on-line.

Photo courtesy of Lawrie Robertson

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