Distance Runner Hall of Fame

This hall of fame is reserved for distance runners that participated in cross country and/or track and field at Issaquah High School.

Inaugural Inductees

These are the inductees to date. Please click on each name to learn more about each athlete.

Boys Girls
Bob Brodel – Class of 1967 Deanna Coleman – Class of 1980
Mike Pyeatt – Class of 1980 Lieschan Hansen – Class of 1984
Tom Bohannon – Class of 1983 Kelley Smith – Class of 1987
Travis Whisman – Class of 1989 Julie Folkman – Class of 1989
Bard Zajac – Class of 1990 Mindy Schneider – Class of 1990
Jon Harding – Class of 2004 Kate Bradshaw – Class of 1999
Kennan Schrag – Class of 2016 Cayla Seligman – Class of 2015
Jacob Brueckman – Class of 2016

Updated: 8/21/2017

Hall of Famer’s make this page through extensive analysis of the marks and performances amassed for our Issaquah distance athletes. The full resume of performances are compared against each other, and then the inductees into the hall are selected by the Issaquah Distance Coaches.

There is no specific criteria to gain entry, however, the resumes of the inductees all have the following traits in common for the most part: longevity, consistency, standout performances, and overall talent. Each inductee is consistently great for a period of more than just one or two seasons. Each has a mix of at least one championship and several top 3 finishes. Each had superior talent and had memorable performances.

There has been some debate about the definition of a “distance runner” when it comes to the different events in track. For the purposes of this hall, it was concluded that performances in the mile/1600m and the 2-mile/3200m along with cross country were the determining factors for induction. Several of the inductees also excelled in the 880/800m or even the 440/400m and those performances are presented here, however, the inclusion of all the hall of famers is based predominantly on their performances in cross country and the longer two distances in track.

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