XC Meet Format

Races are (generally) Wednesdays and Saturdays. Athletes will take the bus from school (unless at Lk Sammamish Park) and may leave after the meet with an adult/family if they sign out with a coach.  Athletes should plan on staying for the entire meet to cheer on teammates. See Meet Schedule for specific dates and teams.

We have five league meets this season. The typical start time of each is 4:00p, however, we may be trying to push back the start due to our late release schedule on Wednesdays. Until this is confirmed, the start time of these meets is 4:00p. Occasionally teams will arrive late and the first race in these cases will typically begin 30 minutes after the last team arrives. We will see 4A KingCo schools that are regionally close to us, sometimes seeing the same team twice in one year. The host school decides how many races will be run; typically there are two, three, or four races.

2 RACES:  The boys race should be run first on odd years (’19, ’21, ’23, etc), the girls race first on even years (’20, ’22, ’24, etc). In this format, all athletes will race in either the boy’s or the girl’s race.

3 RACES:  Typically when there are three races, the boys are broken down into two races and then all girls run together in one race. The order would be decided by the host school and announced closer to the meet.

4 RACES:  This format usually means that the top 10 – 14 runners on each team will run in a varsity race and all other runners in a JV race. The probable order is Varsity Boys, JV Boys, Varsity Girls followed by JV Girls, depending on odd/even years. 

We often will not know until the week before each meet how the meets will run. We will post additional information as we get it.

NON-WEDNESDAY MEETS (Jamboree, invitational, post-season meets):

These meets run on their own schedules with unique start times, races, flights, and groupings. We will post more information on these meets in the days leading up to them.

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