Track & Field Most-Recent KingCo Champions

Updated as of: 2016

The 4A classification was added to Washington state in the fall of 1997 at which point our league, KingCo, split into 4A & 3A divisions. Prior to that, all schools in KingCo were in the same 3A classification. Issaquah High School became part of the 4A classification in the Fall of 2008.

The table below shows who is the most-recent KingCo Champion throughout history. Bolded athletes are champs from the previous season.

Event Boys Year Girls Year
100m Ray Littles 2015 Nikki Stephens 2015
200m Matt Hennessy 2000 Nikki Stephens 2017
400m Dave Anderson 1967 Elise Burdette 2017
800m None Sami Corman 2016
1600m Luke George 2017 Sami Corman 2016
3200m Jon Harding 2004 Cayla Seligman 2015
110/100m Hurdles Preston Borth 2007 Nikki Stephens 2017
300 m Hurdles Ryan Tiernan 2008 Elaine Tran 2008
4 x 100m Relay A. Stallworth J. Wolfork P. Seiler D. Hassell 2001 P.Sidhu C. Lertkantitham A. Sugarman A. Abekah 2016
4x200m Relay N/A S. Abekah M. Crandall E. Burdette N. Stephens 2017
4x400m Relay G. White S. Young L. George J. Nelson 2017 M. Crandall S. Corman E. Burdette K. Riley 2017
Shot Put Joey Jensen 2017 Emee Matthew 2008
Discus Joey Jensen 2017 Laura Lavine 1984
Javelin Caleb Pearson 2014 Claire Ellison 2000
High Jump Joe Nelson 2017 Marci Allen 1999
Long Jump Joe Nelson 2017 Siarfo Abekah 2017
Triple Jump Joe Nelson 2017 Sally Shaefer 1997
Pole Vault None Eva Perry 2012
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