XC PE Credit and Letter Requirements

Issaquah Cross Country


ELIGIBILITY:  Any athlete that earns a Varsity or JV Letter as outlined below will be eligible for PE credit.

ATTENDANCE:  Attend and participate in practices in their entirety.  No more than 8 absences of ANY KIND whether excused or unexcused.  Missing part of a practice jamboree or non- invitational meet count as absences.  VERY IMPORTANT:  ABSENCES FOR PE CREDIT PURPOSES BEGIN COUNTING ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE SEASON, REGARDLESS OF WHEN AN ATHLETE BEGINS PARTICIPATING. (I.E. – If you do not turnout for practice until the second week, you have already tallied 5 absences.)

Once an athlete misses 8 or more practices/weekday meets, the coaches will discuss with the athlete the possibility of being removed from the team. Our philosophy is that in order to become a better runner and teammate, daily attendance is necessary. Athletes are expected to attend all scheduled practices and regular season league meets.

COMPLETE THE SEASON:  Attend and compete in all regular season league meets you are eligible for. Completing the season means that the athlete competes in the last meet they are eligible to compete in. Most athletes will complete their season at the Sub-Varsity Invitational. You must be in good standing on the team.



To achieve a letter award, athletes must earn enough points to qualify and complete the season as outlined above.

VARSITY LETTER: Coach discretion  JV LETTER: 5 points per criteria below PARTICIPATION: finishing season in good standing

Points are earned both through participation as well as performance in meets. There are many ways to accumulate points:


All participants:   2 points

– Regular Season League Meets 

Participate in a regular season league meet (4 meets):   1 point per meet


All participants:   1 point


Varsity will be selected by the coaching staff. Athletes that have participated, placed, and/or scored in the varsity level races will be considered for this distinction. Entered as one of our top 9 runners for the varsity race at the league or state championship meet:   Automatic varsity letter

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