T&F PE Credit and Letter Requirements

Issaquah Track & Field

PE Credit and Varsity/Junior Varsity (JV) Letter Requirements

**If an athlete is absent from practice or school, it is the event coach’s and head coaches’ discretion whether or not the athlete may compete in the meet(s) following the absence.**


  • ELIGIBILITY:  Any athlete that earns a Varsity or JV Letter as outlined below will be eligible for PE Credit.
  • ATTENDANCE:  Attend and participate in practices in their entirety.  No more than 8 absences of ANY KIND whether excused or unexcused.  Missing part of a practice or any Thursday regular league meet both count as absences.  VERY IMPORTANT:  ABSENCES FOR PE CREDIT PURPOSES BEGIN COUNTING ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE SEASON REGARDLESS OF WHEN AN ATHLETE BEGINS PARTICIPATING. (I.E. – If you do not turnout for practice until Monday of the second week, you have already tallied 5 absences.)
  • MEETS:  Attend and participate in all 6 regular league meets and the JV finals meet or varsity league championship meet if you qualify for it.


The following are required to earn a varsity letter:

  1. COMPLETE THE SEASON:  This requirement includes arriving at each practice on time and ready to go as well as participating in all drills, intervals, team meetings, and other team activities.  The season is complete when you have competed in the last meet you are eligible for.

Letter points can be earned the following ways:

  • DAILY PARTICIPATION (5) – Athletes will earn 5 points if he/she meets the Complete The Season requirements in # 1 above and has no more than 2 unexcused absences.
  • REGULAR LEAGUE MEETS (6) – Athletes will earn 1 point for each regular league meet he/she participates in.  There are 6 regular league meets.
  • INVITATIONAL MEETS (3) – Athletes will earn 1 point for each invitational meet he/she participates in.
  • VARSITY PERFORMANCE POINTS – An athlete will earn 1 point for each event where he/she places as one of Issaquah’s top 3 performers in that event in regular league meets or invitationals.  In relays, each member of the fastest Issaquah relay team will earn 1 point.  If there are multiple relay teams from Issaquah and splits are recorded, athletes not on the fastest team that have a faster split than an athlete on the fastest team will also earn a point.


To earn a JV letter, athletes must complete the season as outlined in the varsity requirements above and accumulate at least 11 letter points.

Letter point tallies will be posted on the team website periodically throughout the season. Contact Coach Mike with any questions about your tally.

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