Bellevue Invitational-September 22nd-Lake Sammamish State Park

No bus is provided so athletes arrive with their parents or themselves.
All runners in jv races are asked to arrive at our tent at 8:30am to pick up their number. All 8 varsity runners are asked to arrive at 11am to pick up their numbers and cheer on their teammates.
Please email me at if you wake up sick on Saturday and cannot attend. I leave my house at 8am!
Entries are posted on the board in the Auxilliary Gym. Every athlete knows the race they are entered in so please ask them. Entries will be finalized for several athletes tomorrow at practice.

Bring large plastic bag, food, water, extra dry clothes and rain gear.

Bothell at Issaquah-September 19th

Boys and Girls beat the Bothell Cougars!
Both varsity teams were victorious today. Two course records were established (new course again) by Julia David-Smith and Sam Griffith. The girls started out the meet with a 21 to 38 win. The varsity boys followed with their 25 to 32 win. Congratulations to all the athletes who raced today and a big thanks to all the parent and athlete volunteers who made the meet go smoothly!
Results will be posted soon on

Fort Steilacoom XC Invitational-Saturday, September 15th

Fort Steilacoom Park
Lakewood, WA 98498

Bus leaves IHS at 7:00 AM from the back parking lot and returns to IHS after the last race ends. Approximate arrival time back at Issaquah is between 5:00 and 6:00 PM. Athletes may go home with their parents after checking out with Tracy. If you want to ride home with other parents, Mr. Ande must approve the transportation form.

Race Schedule and Issaquah Participants

9:50 JV Boys Team  Caleb Kim, Torin Carmichael, Alex Takeuchi, Mike Violette, Nic Chin

9:55 JV Girls Team  Jordan Lai, Meara Norris, Julianna Hirao, Brielle Arnold, Berry Chen

10:25 JV Boys-Freshman  Jerald Imai-Takemura, Brendan Wiederien, Josh Delgadillo, Jonah Nieman, Caleb Murphy

10:30 JV Girls-Freshman  GG Foster, Greta Cavotta, Darwin Hanson, Marissa Tremblay

11:05 JV Boys-Sophomore  Alec Barran, Spencer Haas, Andrew Schmidt, Trevor Jordan, Aryan Kundu

1:50 Varsity Boys Gold Division  Allen Aby, Barry Diedericks, Jasper Fuhs, Sam Griffith, Sam Rosenkranz, Ian Streams, Alex Darragh

1:55 Varsity Girls Gold Division  Julia David-Smith, Jenna Heesacker, Emma Jordan, Mara Nowlan, Katie Riley, Ella McKillop, Swathi Padmanabhan

2:20 JV Boys-Juniors  Aidan Miller, Conner Tobey, Max Saviello, Trent Angell


Issaquah, Mt. Si @ Newport – Wednesday, September 12th

Students are dismissed from class at 2:10. The buses leave the back parking lot at 2:25. Come dressed in your uniform and ready to run.

Athletes not entered in the meet will not attend the meet.

The following athletes entered need one or two turnouts in order to compete in this meet: Jaxon Bates (1), Patrick Coulon (1), Cole Streams (1), Izzy Grudin (2), Darwin Hanson (2), Sienna Gaston (1), Julianna Hirao (1), Isabella Neville (2), Maeve Patterson (2), Allison Wang (1).

Kelsey Creek Park
410 130th Ave. SE, Bellevue
Bellevue, WA 98005

Male Entries

Varsity 5:10 PM
5,000 Meters | 13 Entries
12 Allen Aby
10 Alec Barran
11 Torin Carmichael
12 Alex Darragh
12 Barry Diedericks
11 Jasper Fuhs
12 Sam Griffith
9 Jerald Imai-Takemura
11 Caleb Kim
11 Sam Rosenkranz
11 Ian Streams
11 Alex Takeuchi
11 Mike Violette
Junior Varsity 5:40 PM
5,000 Meters | 50 Entries
10 Jacob Aliabadi
12 Isaac Andersen
10 Samuel Anderson
11 Trent Angell
12 Rohan Ballapragada
9 Jaxon Bates
12 Joshua Bates
9 Ryan Bendt
10 Rykley Braun
11 Adam Bussey
11 Nic Chin
9 Samir Chopra
12 Lucian Cosson
10 Patrick Coulon
10 Luke Darragh
9 Joshua Delgadillo
9 Liam Dillmeier
9 Ethan Flett
10 Spencer Haas
9 Jacob Huffaker
10 Trevor Jordan
10 Rodger Kline
11 Filip Kowalski
10 Aryan Kundu
11 Jason Liu
12 Ellis Losey
10 Nick Lydum
10 Matt Mascavage
11 Aidan Miller
9 Caleb Murphy
9 Jonah Niemann
10 Gavin Phillips
11 Jonah Powazek
9 Joseph Reising
9 Sam Riggs
11 Max Saviello
9 Hunter Scheppat
10 Andrew Schmidt
10 Sebastian Silva
9 Gavin Soleibe
9 Rohan Sriram
9 Cole Streams
10 Cody Tenace
10 Sid Thiagarajan
11 Conner Tobey
9 Shane Tobey
10 Jack Welsh
9 Brendan Wiederien
10 Matthew Wilkinson
9 Mizuki Yamada

Female Entries

Varsity 4:40 PM
5,000 Meters | 15 Entries
9 Greta Cavotta
9 Maclaren Crow
10 Julia David-Smith
9 Giselle (GG) Foster
11 Izzy Grudin
9 Darwin Hanson
12 Jenna Heesacker
12 Emma Jordan
12 Jordan Lai
12 Ella McKillop
10 Meara Norris
12 Mara Nowlan
11 Swathi Padmanabhan
12 Katie Riley
9 Marissa Tremblay
Junior Varsity 4:00 PM
5,000 Meters | 36 Entries
10 Brielle Arnold
11 Stuti Bhardwaj
10 Grace Cavotta
11 Berry Chen
12 Haley Dang
10 Lorelai Dunn
12 Jessica Forenza
9 Eliza Fuhs
12 Siena Gaston
10 Cate Geiman
11 Julianna Hirao
9 Anna Iacomini
10 Aja Jensen
10 Danielle Kohorn
10 Dani Madan
10 Kathryn McIntyre
10 Isabel Mullet
9 Isabella Neville
11 Annika Nielsen
11 Lindsey Nielsen
9 Ella Nowlan
11 Maeve Patterson
9 Lelia Pederson
10 Colby Rogers
10 Isha Rudramurthy
10 Rosie Shen
10 Kareena Sikka
11 Megan Spataro
10 Ally Tebbe
11 Piper Thomas
12 Allison Wang
9 Ashlyn Wang
9 Taylor White
9 Emma Wijsman
11 Tiffany Wung
9 Jenelle Young

Class Race Results Posted

Today's Class Race results are posted on Click on the link on the left for Issaquah XC. Congratulations to all the athletes who participated today. For some, it was their first cross country race! Way to go Eagles! This was a great start to the season.

Thank you parent volunteers. A special "shout out" to Josh Geisser who helped pull tags at the finish line. There was a need and he immediately volunteered to help. Thanks, Josh!

Bothell at Issaquah-Wednesday, September 19th

First Home Meet of the Season
Volunteers-please report to the track at 4:10pm.
Start and finish are on the track.

Entries will be posted on the board at practice. Please let us know if you will not be able to compete.

Race Schedule
4:40  All Girls

5:20  Varsity Boys-Sam Griffith, Allen Aby, Barry Diedericks, Jasper Fuhs, Alex Darragh, Sam Rosenkranz, Alec Barran, Jerry Imai-Takemura,Caleb Kim, Alex Takeuchi, Torin Carmichael, Mike Violette, Conner Tobey, Jonah Nieman, Andrew Schmidt, Caleb Murphy, Aidan Miller, Trevor Jordan, Nic Chin, Isaac Anderson, Trent Angell, Cody Tenace, Matt Mascarade, Brendan Wiederien, Ian Streams, Max Saviello

5:45  All remaining eligible boys

Kyle Huard needs one turnout, Kyle Jackson needs two turnouts and Nick Hunter needs four turnouts to be eligible to compete.

Fort Steilacoom Invite

We are still waiting for some results to be uploaded into so stay tuned.  The Freshman Boys race is not yet posted. This year's Invite had an additional 1600 athletes which presented some problems on the course and with results. It is estimated that there were over 3000 athletes participating in the meet.

We entered a Varsity Boys Team and Varsity Girls Team in the Gold Division (top competitive division). The JV Boys team and JV Girls team along with a team of 5 freshman boys were also entered.

Both JV teams placed 4th. The boys were led by Ian Streams and Torin Carmichael who placed 22nd and 23rd respectively. The girls top finisher was Swathi Padmanabhan in 14th.

The Varsity Gold Division featured some of the top teams and athletes in the state. The boys varsity was led by Sam Griffith's 16th place as the team finished 12th out of 24. Julia David-Smith won the race leading the girls team to a 3rd place finish out of 16 teams.

Results will continue to be uploaded into

Congratulations to all the athletes who competed very well in a huge meet. Thanks to all the fans and family who made their way down to Tacoma to cheer on the Eagles!

Issaquah, Mt. Si @Newport

Results have just been posted on Please click on the link and you will find the final results.

Varsity Team Scores
Girls: Issaquah 26, Newport 30, Mt. Si 87
Boys: Newport 35, Issaquah 38, Mt. Si 48

Reminder that low score wins!
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