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Awards Night!

This is a reminder for the Awards Night at 7pm on Tuesday, November 5th (tomorrow!).
Join us in the Theater at 7pm followed by Munch and Mingle in the Commons.
Bring your uniform-washed and dried in a bag with your name on the bag. For those of you competing at the state meet, you can turn yours in next week.
The bookkeeper will have fines for those of you who do not turn in the uniform tomorrow night. Please take those to her on Friday and she will remove the fine once turned in.
We look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow night!

winter open weight room

Winter 2019/2020 Open Weight Room
Supervised by Throws Coaches Jerry Loveless and Niall Wachtman.
Schedule is below-please note that the weight room will not be available on some Saturdays, and the schedule is subject to change on short notice – keep checking the blog for updates.
Saturday weight room times are always 11:00 AM-1:00 PM. The weight room will be available to all IHS students during this time.
Weight rooms days for Winter 2019/2020:
Oct. 26 th
Nov. 2 nd
Nov. 9 th
Nov. 16 th
Nov. 23 rd
Nov. 30 th
Dec. 7 th
Dec. 14 th
Dec 21 st.
Jan. 11 th
Jan. 18 th
Jan. 25 th
Feb. 1 st
Feb. 8 th
Feb. 15 th
Feb. 29th
This is  NOT a requirement for any student athletes, especially if they are busy with schoolwork and/or other previous obligations, but we are making the weight room available on an optional basis. We will not be coaching Track and Field related curriculum, we are supervising strength training.  Students do  NOT need to be there for the full two hours, they can drop in after it starts and/or leave before it ends, depending on their availability. Please try to eat a healthy meal or snack (Apple or banana and peanut butter, or fruit smoothies are always a winner) before and/or after working out and bring a water bottle.
Please enter and exit the school via the front doors near the main office. Back doors near the football field and track will be locked.

Cross Country Team Awards Night

Please join the coaching staff in celebrating this year's cross country team during Awards Night at 7PM on Tuesday, November 5th.

Munch and Mingle to follow in the Commons...stay tuned!


If you are in Running Start you will need to show your grades to Mr. Ande today prior to being cleared to compete in the meet this afternoon.You can show him in person or send a screenshot of your grades. Once you are cleared he will email me.

Please do this ASAP. The bus leaves at 2:00pm

Sorry for the late notice. Mr. Ande just updated our list!

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 -Issy vs. Newport at Home

Eagles take on the Knights of Newport!
All competing athletes get dressed in uniforms after school and report to the stands by 3:15.
All parent volunteers please report to Ms.Ryker at 3:45 for your assignments. Volunteers are as follows: Scott Clawson, Sara Carmichael, Heidi Fuhs, Dan Barran, Niall Wachtman, Karin Daar, Sara Mularoni and Leslie Gilbert. We could use a few more volunteers!

The race schedule and entries:
4:15 Varsity Boys Race 1-Trent Angell, Alec Barran, Ryan Bendt, Torin Carmichael, Nic Chin, Josh Delgadillo, Jasper Fuhs, Hunter Fulford, Josh Geisser, Spencer Haas, Liam Henninger, Matt Mascavage, Jonathan Liu, Ben Konopka, Rodger Kline, Trevor Jordan, Jerry Imai-Takemura, Kyle Huard, Conner Tobey, Cody Tenace, Alex Takeuchi, Cole Streams, Andrew Schmidt, Hunter Scheppat, Max Saviello, Sam Rosenkranz, Jonah Niemann, Caleb Murphy, Mark Mularoni, Aidan Miller, Brendan Wiederien, Mike Violette.

4:45 All Girls

5:30 Varsity Boys Race 2-Finn Aierstock, Sam Anderson, Lucas Arteche, Jaxon Bates, Kolby Benson, Adam Bussey, Jackson Chollman, Samir Chopra, Evan Daar, Liam Dillmeier, Ben Dong, Nikolai Evans, Ethan Flett, Cole Gilbert, Josh Goble, Jason Liu, Elvin Liu, Jacob Lessing, Ty Lauritzen, Ben LaFramboise, Nick Hunter, Jacob Huffaker, Marcus Heu-Weller, Shane Tobey, Eric Ting, Sid Thiagarajan, Will Stroh, Hayden Stowe, Gavin Soleibe, Sebastian Silva, Charles Short, Kengo Shibuya, Sam Riggs, Joey Reising, Zacharey Priestley, Ryan Welsh, Jack Welsh, Steve Wan, Brandon Yeo, Jae Hee Yoon, Nikko Zarling, Nick McLachlan

Need Monday's Practice to be eligible to compete on Tuesday:
Eliza Fuhs, Vernika Jain, Annika Nielsen, Elin Nybonn
Kolby Benson, Nick Hunter, Will Stroh, Sid Thiagarajan

Not eligible for Tuesday:
Rykley Braun, Lucas Enander, Ethan Medeiros, Kabir Vats, Mizuki Yamada, Marvin Sabas
Mimi Chen, Jillian Feldman, India Hutson, Lindsey Nielsen, Kareena Sikka

Kingco 2 mile Class Race-2019

September 11, 2019

Lake Sammamish State Park

 Discover Pass needed to enter park or $10 fee

 Athletes who have met the eligibility requirements will be entered and will attend this meet. If your name has a 1 or 2 next to it, that means you need that number of practices before you are eligible for Wednesday’s Class Race. If you do not get those practices in before Wednesday, you will not be able to compete in the meet. There will not be practice for those who are not entered in the meet. If you are not entered, you will not attend the meet.

For those athletes entered in the meet, early dismissal is 2:15pm and the buses leave promptly at 2:30 from the back parking lot by the auxiliary gym. Please do not be late. Come dressed in your uniform. If you do not have time to change, you can do so at the park.

Bring water or pre-race and post race liquids along with a snack to eat before and/or after your race. You must wear your school issued singlet and black shorts.

Below is the race schedule and our entries. If you are not entered (see below) you do not go to the meet. Athletes must have 8 turnouts to be eligible.

Race Schedule and Entries:

4:00  9thgrade boys: Aierstock, Arteche, Benson 2, Chollman, Daar, Dong, Gilbert, Goble, Henninger, Heu-Weller 1, Konopka, Lauritzen, J Liu, McLachlan, Shibuya, Stowe, Ting, Wan, R Welsh 2, Yeo, Yoon, Zarling 1

4:20   9thgrade girls: Jensen, Eddins, Kennedy 1, Putnam, Roberts 1, Rosenkranz, Ryan, Silva, Ulitsch, Yahn

4:40  10thgrade boys: Bates, Bendt, Chopra 1, Delgadillo, Dillmeier 2, Flett, Fulford 1, Huffaker, Imai-Takemura, E Liu, Mularoni, Murphy 1, Nieman, Priestley 2, Reising, Riggs, Scheppat, Short, Soleibe 1, Streams, S Tobey, Wiederien

5:00  10thgrade girls: Alexander, Cavotta, Hanson, Iacomini 2, Neville, Pederson, Tremblay, Tremblay, Wang, Wijsman, Wood 1

5:20   11thgrade boys: Anderson 1, Barran, Geisser, Haas, Jordan 1, Kline, Mascavage, Schmidt, Silva, Tenace, J Welsh 1

5:40   11thgrade girls: Arnold, Cavotta 2, David-Smith 2, Jensen, Kohorn, Madan 1, McIntyre, Rudramurthy

6:00   12thgrade boys: Angell, Bussey 1, Carmichael, Chin, Fuhs, Huard 2, Lessing, J Liu, Miller 1, Rosenkranz 1, Saviello, Takeuchi, C Tobey, Violette

6:20    12thgrade girls: Bhardwaj, B Chen, Grudin, Hirao 2, Mularoni, Padmanabhan, Patterson, Prabhala, Spataro 2, Wung

The bus will return to Issaquah High School between 7:00 and 7:30pm.

If you want to go home with someone other than your parents, paperwork must be cleared by Mr. Ande before Wednesday.

Know the course, race hard and have fun!