Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays – Results

After leaving Issaquah High School at 8am Friday and arriving in Portland 3 hours later, both boys and girls teams were prepared to compete and compete is what they did!  The boys placed 6th place overall out of 48 teams.  We had 2 individual winners -Joe Nelson capturing the Long Jump title and Joey Jensen securing the win in the Discus.  The girls team placed 15th out of 48 teams.  There were some outstanding performances and the conditions were perfect.  Great job team!

Results can be found here Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relay results

Courtesy of Lawrie Robertson:

Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relay General Photos

Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relay Throws Photos

Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relay Jumps Photos

Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relay Vaults Photos



Issaquah vs Newport

Both boys and girls teams competed well yesterday.  Even after a week break we had some personal records!

Boys score will be updated after pole vault finishes today. Be sure to come support your team mates once your practice is over.


Issaquah 74

Newport 70

The girls results:

Issaquah 78.5

Newport 82.5

The results from the meet can be found here:

Issaquah vs Newport results



Initial entries for Nike/Jesuit accepted

Initial entries for this meet are now posted.

Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays

We are leaving for Portland on Friday morning at 8:15am and all kids entered into the meet are expected to ride the bus with the team.  The bus will pick up the team behind the stadium.  Please do not be late for the bus, as we want to get to Portland in a timely manner.

The meet schedule can be found here : Meet schedule

Kids are expected to pack a lunch and we will stop along the route to eat.  We will make a meal stop on the return trip home, so please bring money for this. We expect to  return to IHS between 1-2am. The kids can communicate to you once we leave our meal stop with a rough idea of our arrival.


Invitation to Washington State Multi Events

The 46th Annual Washington State Combined Event Championships will be held at Lake Stevens HS June 2nd and 3rd.  They will host the boys decathlon, girls heptathlon, and girls decathlon.  It is a great family atmosphere and great competition!  Visit the new website for more info.

Washington Combined events

Entries for Newport

Here are the entries for this week’s meet against Newport.  Please speak to your event coach asap if you have any questions about the events you are in or not in. Entries are due Tuesday after practice.

Reminder that this meet is on a Wednesday this week. Bus will be leaving at 2:30 pm as usually; however, athletes will be missing part of 5th and all of 6th period.

Meet will begin at 4 pm

Newport entries

Newport High School, 4333 Factoria Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA 98006


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