Issaquah girls XC team captures 2016 state crown

The Issaquah Eagles girls Cross Country team won the Class 4A state championship, compiling 90 total team points (low score wins in Cross Country) at the state meet on Nov. 5 in Pasco. The Camas Papermakers finished in second place with 108 team points. Kenna Clawson was the first Eagle runner in and captured 9th place individually with a time of 18:32.4. Sami Corman earned 14th place with a time of 18:53.6 and Katie Riley captured 15th place with a time of 18:54.1 individually. Andie Kolasinski (36th  place) and Lauren Haas (66th place) rounded the score as the 4 –  5th Eagle finishers.

The Issaquah Eagles boys Cross Country team nabbed ninth place at the Class 4A state cross country meet, compiling 219 team points on Nov. 5 in Pasco. Issaquah’s top two finishers individually were Sam Griffith (31st place) and Luke George (32nd place).

This was the second time, and second consecutive year the boys and girls teams have both made it to state together.

The girls state roster included Kenna Clawson, Sami Corman, Katie Riley, Andie Kolasinski, Lauren Haas, Jenna Heesacker, Emma Riley, Ella McKillop and Lauren Denkenberger. The boys roster included Luke George, Jenner Sapienza, Barry Diedericks, Jared Putney, Jordan Crist, Alan Aby, Brendan Fetsch, and Nick Rogers.

Complete WIAA 4A Girls Results

Complete WIAA 4A Boys Results

Results on Athletic.Net

Photo courtesy of Lisa Clawson


Track Season 2018 – What you need to know

Track and Field online registration is available now.

All forms must be turned in by Friday  2/16/18 to the Bookkeeper and Athletic Secretary to turn out for Spring Sports.

There is no school the week of February 19th through February 23 RD   and forms will NOT be accepted on Monday, February 26.

Fill out the online registration form.  Please note you will need your Family Access Login of the first Parent/Guardian and a printer as some forms need to be printed out and brought to the athletic office at your school to complete the process.

Track & Field season starts February 26. Coaches and athletes will meet in the Aux gym at 4:00 pm. Students should wear workout cloths.

Everything you wanted to know about Practices:

Practice is held five days-a-week, Monday through Friday, after school. Regular practice time is 4:00pm – 6:00pm; sometimes a little short, sometimes a little long.  Once meets start, a weekly routine will begin to take shape and it will be easier to gauge when practices may vary from the standard time frame. There is no practice on days we have a meet even if you are not participating in that meet. There will be no mandatory practices during Spring Break; info about any possible optional practices that week will be announced later. Any changes in the practice schedule will be announced on the blog.

You are required to participate fully in 10 practices before you are able to compete in any meets per WIAA rules. If you miss four in a row, we begin subtracting from your banked total and will continue each day until you return. There are 13 available practices before our first meet on the Thursday of the third week.

If an athlete is absent from practice or school, it is the event coach’s and head coaches’ discretion whether or not the athlete may compete in the meet(s) following the absence.

Athletes that consider themselves to be talented, varsity, good, awesome, or anything of that ilk should prove it by being at each and every practice. If you know you will need to miss a practice (some reasons are actually legitimate – the best way to tell if yours qualifies is by looking at your coach’s face when you give him/her your reason for missing practice), you must tell your coach. The best way to do this is to tell them in advance in person or you can email Tracy. Their contact info can be found on the blog.

Attendance at school for the full school day is required in order to participate in practice or meets that might be on that day. There are approved exceptions when you need to miss  school for appointments and other legitimate, but regardless, you need to bring a signed note from the doctor’s office or other legitimate excused absence to the attendance office in order for you to be able to practice.  In case you didn’t know, skipping class is not a legitimate excuse.

Practice begins  on-time in the auxiliary gym where we meet as a group before breaking into our specific event groups and before ultimately going outside. We do not wait for anyone, and nothing looks worse than someone that routinely walks in late. Wednesday is probably the hardest day to get to practice without hustling. We do not formally return to the gym as a group.  Any changes in where we meet will be announced on the blog.

We practice and compete in all weather conditions except in instances of lightning. Any changes in our practice schedules due to weather will be announced on the blog.

During practice, bring your athletic bags and any other personal items to the grandstand while we are outside as the auxiliary gym is left unattended. The school provides lockers for in-season athletes but the logistics around this are yet to be worked-out so it is advised not to depend on lockers being available. They may become available eventually and we will pass on information about this when we know more. It is best not bring anything valuable to practice that is not necessary.

Everything you wanted to know about Meets:

If an athlete is absent from practice or school, it is the event coach’s and head coaches’ discretion whether or not the athlete may compete in the meet(s) following the absence.

Our meet schedule includes non-Thursday invitationals and post-season meets that do not include the entire team. We announce entries into these meets both at practice and on the blog.  Athletes that are invited to run will make themselves available for EVERY invitational meet in which they are entered. We attend these meets so our kids have a chance to compete against advanced competition so if you want to be the best, clear up your schedule when we have these meets. Our entire meet schedule can be found on the blog.

Our schedule includes seven Thursday meets plus at least one meet during KingCo Week for everybody on the entire team. This means there is a minimum of eight meets for everybody on the team, provided you meet and maintain eligibility requirements.

You must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have no F grades in any class to be academically eligible to compete in meets. The Athletic Director will notify the coaches about kids that are below these standards. The initial assessment is based on the most-recently completed semester and then there will be at least one grade check during the season.

We issue a standard uniform to each athlete which consists of a singlet and shorts. Jackets may also be issued. Uniforms are to be worn at each meet and are not to be worn at practice. Uniforms and jackets are collected at the end of the season at the Track awards banquet.

It is required that you dress appropriately for the weather conditions at practices and meets in order to stay warm and dry as best you can. Invariably, we will have some freshmen (and sometimes seniors) show up to the bus for meets with nothing on but their singlet and shorts. This is ill-advised and should be avoided. Spirit Gear is available for purchase by each individual athlete – details will be eventually posted on the blog. Purchasing Spirit Gear is not required in any way.

Tips for success:

Proper rest is an essential part of success in Track & Field. Coaches will usually make recommendations for what you should do on off days when we do not have practice or meets. If your coach says to take the day off, it means to not do ANY training in your events. A day off means a day off. A proper amount of sleep is also necessary to perform at your best in Track & Field. Few things can derail a season faster than getting poor sleep routinely. Don’t sell yourself short by not getting enough sleep.

We recommend purchasing the most-appropriate footwear for your events when possible. A new pair of running shoes for the season for practices is preferred. Shoes that are too old or worn can cause injury and delay progress. For competition, we strongly recommend spikes for all running events and any other various specialty footwear for field events. This is not required but merely recommended for optimum performance. Ask your coach at practice for guidance about footwear.

If you compete in any other sporting activity during the track season, whether individually or on another team – particularly club sports – your coaches need to know about it in order to help you achieve the most success in track as possible. Being on the track team means maintaining the proper level of commitment to your school and teammates. We expect the same level of commitment to be displayed to the track team that you display to your club team. Sometimes we see kids that routinely choose to make track “second” or “less important” than their club team. This is disappointing and it causes difficulty for coaches when determining relay teams or entries into big-time meets. Please be mindful of your teammates and the impact on the team when making decisions regarding your availability for all track & field practices and meets.

Other specific questions can be asked at practice or by emailing Tracy.

Photo courtesy of Lawrie Robertson

Back to back State Champions (T&F 2016)!

2A/3A/4A State Championship Meet Thursday/Friday/Saturday, May 26 – 28 Mount Tahoma High School, Tacoma

For the 2nd straight year, our girls BROUGHT IT down to Mount Tahoma and peaked at just the right time and walked away state champs again. With 3 event wins, 3 runners-up, a 3rd place, and 12 total trips to the podium (WOW!!) , our girls ran, jumped, and threw themselves out of reach of 2nd place Tahoma winning by 13 points. After losing to Tahoma by 11 at Arnie Young in early April, our girls demonstrated their stamina and our patented late-season “peakability” and came roaring back when it counts most to earn the title. Scoring 59 last year and winning by 11, this year’s team scored 15 more and won by 2 more.

With their score of 74, they were the highest-scoring team out of all the winning teams at this meet.

Issaquah 4A Girls 74 Won by 13
Federal Way 4A Boys 65 Won by 20
Shorecrest 2A Girls 60 Won by 5
Lynnwood 3A Girls 55 Won by 7
Black Hills 2A Boys 47.5 Won by 6.5
Lincoln 3A Boys 45.66 Won by 5.66

It was the culmination of another incredible season for our girls team. With their only loss being their 2nd place finish at Arnie Young, the Issy girls have now won the 4A KingCo Regular Season title, 4A KingCo League Championship, 4A District Championship, and 4A State Championship for two straight years. Way to go girls! What a 2-year run we have had!!

The overall level of talent and depth on this team boggles the mind. With class, school, and league records falling by the week then league, district, and state titles coming by the bunch, this team of girls is simply one of the greatest collections of Track & Field athletes you will ever see at the high school level. Congrats girls on all you have done this season!

The boys team tied for 30th place with 6 points. This was the 3rd consecutive meet in post-season where the boys improved from the year before and each year since the current seniors were freshmen. That’s awesome guys! You have set the stage for years to come with what you have done!

2013: No participants 0 points

2014: Participants but none scored 0 points

2015: Tied for 42nd place (out of 44) 2 points

2016: Tied for 30th place (out of 47) 6 points

Awesome boys! You had a great season!

WIAA Website:



Day 1:

Day 2:       

Day 3:       

Thanks again you two for all your hard work taking pics this season and for providing them to us!

Boys 1600m:     
Girls 4×1: 
Girls 4×2: 
Girls 4×4 prelim:  
Girls 400m final:  
Girls 800m final:   
Girls 1600m:  PRESS:

Seattle Times:

Issaquah Press: field-title/article_51570c0e-25e9-11e6-9bd7-e3be88f76fb0.html

Issaquah|Sammamish Reporter:  


Siarfo to Alia to Elise to Nikki

Alternates: Priya & Lert


New IHS School Record New KingCo League Record

State of Washington # 3 All-Time

1st State Championship in this event in school history

NOTE: After a little jittery sluggishness and a couple bad handoffs in the prelim, this incredible foursome managed to put together their top speed AND three nearly flawless handoffs to bring home the state title in this event for the first time in school history in the final. With Nikki holding off Curtis and Tahoma all the way to the line, this group set the tone for the day early on Saturday morning and showed the entire house that we were going to be ALL BUSINESS for the whole day. Their incredible mark of 1:39.71 ranks them # 3 all-time in state history and is just the 3rd time in 33 years a squad has run inside 1:40 and just the 5th squad ever to do so in state history. This performance also caps an undefeated season in this event for IHS. What a brilliant performance girls – you are unbelievable! Congrats on your state championship!


Kenzie to Sami to Elise to Nikki

Alternates: Lert & Jackie

3:51.75               (Season Best 3:49.28 season best in prelim.)

NOTE:  With another big performance on the largest stage there is, these girls once again brought home the gold in this event for the 2nd year in a row at state and the 5th time in school history. With a handful of schools coming after us and running marks that turned out to be their fastest of the year, it wasn’t enough as the talent and depth of this squad proved too much once again. Their mark of 3:49.28 in the prelim is the 3rd fastest performance in state history and with their win at this meet, our girls have now gone two years without a loss in this event. Our 2015 and 2016 squads have 7 of the top 15 marks ever recorded in this event in state history. Incredible you guys! Congrats on your state championship and your absolute stranglehold on this event up and down our entire state!

Samantha Corman

800m 2:14.67

NOTE: With a powerful start in the first 75m, Sami set the tone and pushed the pace for the entire race and earns her first state title in this event and 2nd overall as an individual. Battling the brutal wind on the homestretch, she held off a deep field and did what she needed to do to earn 10 points for the team and cap an undefeated season in this event. With her championship, Sami joins Kathy Chase in 1976 and Lauren Maris in 2005 as Issy state champions in this event. Sami also joins a couple other greats of program history – Mary Moore and Laura Lavine – as the only girls in school history to win multiple state championships in individual events. (Both Mary and Laura won 3 each.) Sami and Laura are the only two, however, to win state titles in two DIFFERENT events (Laura in Shot and Discus, Sami in 1600m and 800m) and since Laura was a thrower, Sami has become the first and only Issy girl to win multiple individual state titles in running events. Congrats Sami – you are doing things on the track that have never before been seen in these parts and continuing to amaze! Way to run!!



100m Hurdles

NOTE: For the 2nd year in a row, Nikki finishes 2nd at state in the 400m and in her first post-season in the 100m Hurdles finishes 2nd in that event as well! That’s 16 points for the team RIGHT THERE in about 70 seconds total! Way to perform Nikki!



NOTE: After winning the state title last year as a frosh, Sami finishes 2nd this year which flip-flopped her finishes in the 800 from last year to this year. Ever the competitor, Sami has vowed to finish 3rd in both next season to have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes in both events at state. (That’s actually not true but it could be!)

MEDALISTS/SCORERS: (Finishers in the top 8 in their events.)


Long Jump 17’ 5 ½”  5th place (Highest place at state in school history in this event.)


Shot Put  38′ 3″ 15-inch Lifetime PR!)   8th place

NOTE: In the final meet of her career, Bridgette unleashed a MONSTER throw – busting through both the 37’ and 38’ barriers at one time and ending with a 15-inch Lifetime PR which ties her for 5th in school history in this event. Tahoma told at least one of our coaches that Bridgette’s placement and scoring for the team was a sign that things were going to be tougher than they thought. Way to go Bridgette! Congrats on an outstanding career!


200m 25.65  6th place
400m 57.39  3rd place

NOTE: After finishing 4th place last year in the 400m, Elise moves up a spot to finish 3rd and together with her 6th place showing in the 200m Elise now has 3 top-6 finishes at state overall in individual events. Elise…you are FAST!


Discus       151’ 0”  6th place

NOTE: One of just three non-seniors in the field – AND THE ONLY SOPHOMORE – Joey was truly standing amongst giants as he tangled with the state’s best flingers and finished in incredible 6th place. Due to a clerical error, Joey was awarded 7th at the time of the medal presentation on the podium but we got it switched so he received his correct place and medal. Way to go Joey…what will you DO in the next two years?!?!


3200m   11:01.75  6th place

NOTE: In her first state appearance in any event, Kenna had an awesome race and finished in an outstanding 6th place which is the highest finish for an Issy girl at state in this event in 17 years. It was Kenna’s 3 points earned in this event that put us ahead of Tahoma for good and sealed the team victory. Way to go Kenna, congrats on a great season!

Priya, Lert, Sugar, Siarfo

4×1 49.27 6th place

Alternates: Jackie & Kenzie

NOTE: Another awesome race in the final 4×1 for Priya, Lert, and Sugar. For 2 full seasons, this has been our foursome in this event and they finished in the top 6 at state both years. We will have a huge hole to fill next year as these three seniors move on to greener pastures and leave us as ¾ of the school record squad in this event. Congrats girls on your great two seasons as our 4×1!

Joe Nelson

Triple Jump 44’ 1 ½”   8th place

NOTE: Two-straight trips to state in this event for Joe and two-straight podium trips as well. Congrats on a great season in the TJ Joe. Can’t wait to see what you do next year!!


1600m 4:16.52  7th place

NOTE: In his first trip to state in any event, Jacob makes his last start in an IHS uniform memorable, running the 2nd  fastest mark of his life and ending up 7th  at the state meet which is the highest finish at state in this event in 13 years. Jacob wraps his career in this event ranked 4th  all-time in history and the fastest IHS boy miler since Tom Bohannon in 1983. In the last 33 years, of all the IHS boys that have toed the line in the mile in an IHS uniform, none have been faster than Jacob. Congrats Jacob on a fine career and all you have accomplished. Good luck next year at Colorado State!


Priya:100m 16th place
Zoe:High Jump11th


Jason:400m 12th place
Rhoddy: Discus 13th place
Elliott: 300m Hurdles 13th place


Jackie Stephens


Elise:                                 4×4 split

Sami:                                4×4 split


Kenzie:                             4×4 Split

Bridgette:                        Shot Put (by 15 inches!)


The following kids performed well enough at this meet to find themselves ranked in the top 15 of their class in these events in SCHOOL HISTORY. Nice job!

Bridgette:                        Tied for 5th  on senior Shot Put list.


The following athletes achieved a performance at this meet that ranks in the Top 25 overall in school history in these events. (Includes those that were already in the top 25 but improved their position.)

Bridgette Shot Put 38’3″ Tied for 5th all-time

4x 2 Siarfo/Alia/Elise/Nikki 1:39.71 1st all-time

4×4 Kenzie/Sami/Eliese/Nikki 3:49.28 2nd all-time


The following athletes are 4-year seniors that competed at their last meet as a member of the Issy Track & Field team at this meet:

Jacob Brueckman

Rhoddy Jensen

Colette Lertkantitham

Bridgette Robertson

Priya Sidhu

Alia Sugarman

Elliott Tan

That’s a wrap for 2016! Thanks for another great season and we’ll see you next season in 2017!

Photo courtesy of Lawrie Robertson

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