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Kingco Championships-October 18th

Congratulations to both the girls and boys varsity teams on their State Qualifying Performances!
The girls team started the day placing second to Redmond by one point. Issy girls scored 69 points to Redmond's 68 points. Julia David-Smith earned the title of Kingco Champ in the 4A meet and had the fastest girls time of the day among 2A, 3A and 4A teams. Emma Jordan placed 11th, Jenna Heesacker 14th, Katie Riley 16th, Darwin Hanson 27th, Mara Nowlan 33rd and Ella McKillop 39th.

Sam Griffith led the boys team to third place with his outstanding 3rd place individual finish. He had a lifetime PR of 15:35. Allen Aby placed 12th, Barry Diedericks 14th, Jasper Fuhs 30th, Sam Rosenkranz 36th, Alex Darragh 41st and Jerry Imai-Takemura 43rd.

Congratulations to all athletes and alternates on bringing your "A Game". Thanks for the great day!

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Sub Varsity Invitational-October 20th-Lake Sammamish State Park

No Bus from the high school. Arrive on your own. All girls arrive by 9:45am and all boys by 10:30am. Discover Pass or $10 to park.
This will be the final meet of the season for all athletes who have not qualified for the State Meet.

 The following athletes need to check with Gwen before running in the meet: A Alba, F Kowalski, N Lydum, E Nowlan, G Phillips, C Streams, A Tebbe, P Rogers, E Losey and K Huard.

Athletes entered are as follows:

Girls Frosh/Soph at 11am
B Arnold, A Jensen, L Pederson, E Wijsman, M Crow, G Cavotta, I Neville, K McIntyre, Ashlyn Wang, A Iacomini, T White, M Gary, C Geiman, L Dunn, E Nowlan, J Young, I Rudramurthy, E Fuhs, A Tebbe, C Rogers, I Mullet, D Kohorn, R Shen, K Sikka, D Madan, A Alba

Boys Frosh/Soph at 11:45am
J Niemann, A Schmidt, B Wildereien, T Jordan, J Delgadillo, C Murphy, C Tenace, A Kundu, L Darragh, H Scheppat, M Wilkinson, M Yamada, M Mascavage, R Bendt, S Chopra, R Kline, R Braun, S Silva, S Thiagarajan, J Aliabadi, J Welsh, E Flett, G Soleibe, S Tobey, S Anderson, J Huffaker, N Hunter, C Streams, P Coulon, S Riggs, L Dillmeier, R Sriram, J Reising, Jaxon Bates, N Lydum, K Jackson, J Geisser, G Phillips, E Medeiros

Girls Jr/Sr at 12:30 pm
J Hirao, T Wung, A Nielsen, M Patterson, S Bhardwaj, M Spataro, I Grudin, Allison Wang, H Dang, S Gaston, P Thomas, L Nielsen, J Forenza, P Rogers

Boys Jr/Sr at 1:15pm
C Kim, I Streams, M Saviello, A Miller, I Anderson, T Angell, E Losey, K Huard, A Bussey, R Ballapragada, C Salter, Josh Bates, J Liu, F Kowalski, M Barnes, T Wilhite

Girls Sub Varsity Top 7 at 2:00pm
S Padmanabhan, GG Foster, M Tremblay, M Norris, G Cavotta, J Lai, B Chen

Boys Sub Varsity Top 7 at 2:30pm
T Carmichael, A Barran, C Tobey, M Violette, A Takeuchi, N Chin, S Haas

Kingco Championships-October 18th

Lake Sammamish State Park-Discover Pass or $10 to park
Out of class at 12:15 and the bus leaves at 12:30
The following boys and girls will be dismissed at 12:15 on Thursday, October 18th to attend the league championship meet:
Girls Varsity at 2:30pm Lane 1
Julia David-Smith, Katie Riley, Emma Jordan, Jenna Heesacker, Darwin Hanson, Mara Nowlan, Ella McKillop, Swathi Padmanabhan (alternate) and Marissa Tremblay (alternate).

Boys Varsity at 3:45pm Lane 9
Sam Griffith, Allen Aby, Barry Diedericks, Jasper Fuhs, Sam Rosenkranz, Alex Darragh, Jerry Imai-Takemura, Alec Barran (alternate) and Torin Carmichael (alternate).

Alternates are expected to go with the team and be ready to run. Any athlete who does not run on Thursday will be allowed to run the Sub Varsity Meet on Saturday.

Issaquah, Inglemoor @ Redmond-October 10th-Hartman Park across from Redmond HS.

Out of class at 2:10pm and the buses leave at 2:25pm.
Race schedule is as follows:
4:00  All Girls

4:45  Varsity Boys-Sam Griffith, Allen Aby, Barry Diedericks, Jasper Fuhs, Sam Rosenkranz, Alec Barran, Alex Darragh, Torin Carmichael, Jerry Imai-Takemura, Alex Takeuchi, Conner Tobey, Ian Streams, Mike Violette, Brendan Wiederien, Max Saviello, Andrew Schmidt, Spencer Haas, Nic Chin, Caleb Murphy, Trevor Jordan, Josh Delgadillo, Cody Tenace, Aidan Miller, Jonah Niemann, Aryan Kundu, Luke Darragh, Hunter Scheppat, Matt Wilkinson, Mizuki Yamada, Isaac Anderson, Matt Mascavage, Trent Angell, Ellis Losey

5:15  All Remaining Boys

Hole in the Wall-October 6th

Results are posted on are posted on

What a fantastic day for the Eagle runners who were flying high recording personal record after personal record! The weather cooperated which made for a fast course. The competition was incredible with countless top 10 Washington state ranked teams from all classifications.  In addition, there were teams from California, Utah and Hawaii.

The Eagles started the day with the Frosh/Soph Boys team finishing 3rd out of 22 teams led by freshman Jerry Imai-Takemura’s (17:17) 4th place finish. All Issaquah runners had PRs in this race.

Next up were the “Fast” JV Girls who placed 4th out of 12 teams. Swathi Padmanabhan (20:54) was our top finisher in 9th and led 5 of the 7 runners to lifetime personal records.

The “Fast” JV Boys race had our top team finish of the day. They placed 2nd out of 28 teams. Seven of the nine boys had lifetime PRs. The team was led by Torin Carmichael who finished 5th in 17:08.

Both the boys and girls varsity teams were entered in the fast division. The boys team placed 13th out of 38 and was led by Sam Griffith’s 34th place in a time of 15:55. Five of the seven boys had personal records and Sam tied his from the Bellevue Invite.

For the varsity girls team that finished 5th out of 40 schools, six of the seven runners had lifetime PRs. Julia David-Smith was the overall winner in a new course record time of 17:16!

Congratulations to all who competed today and thanks to all of the parents and supporters who came up to cheer on the team!

Updated Hole in the Wall Information

Boys Frosh/Soph 1 Race is at 10:20am
Lane Assignments are as follows:
Boys Frosh/Soph Lane 22
JV Girls Lane 1
JV Boys Lane 21
Varsity Girls Lane 33
Varsity Boys Lane 1

Pick up two chips at the tents. You must have your race number to get your chips. Attach one chip to each racing shoe.