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Cross Country Team Awards Night

Please join the coaching staff in celebrating this year's cross country team during Awards Night at 7PM on Tuesday, November 5th.

Munch and Mingle to follow in the Commons...stay tuned!


If you are in Running Start you will need to show your grades to Mr. Ande today prior to being cleared to compete in the meet this afternoon.You can show him in person or send a screenshot of your grades. Once you are cleared he will email me.

Please do this ASAP. The bus leaves at 2:00pm

Sorry for the late notice. Mr. Ande just updated our list!

Issaquah, Redmond @ Inglemoor -Tuesday, October 15th, 2019-St. Edward Park in Kenmore

Out of class at 1:45, Buses leave at 2:00, Return to IHS around 7PM

Discover Pass or $10 fee to park is required.

Race Schedule:

  • 4:00 Boys Varsity Heninger, Fuhs, Barran, Imai-Takemura, Carmichael, Rosenkranz, C Tobey, Jonathan Liu, Haas, Takeuchi, Geisser, Chin, Wiederien, Delgadillo, Saviello, Murphy, Violette, Tenace, Jordan, Huard, Mularoni, Schmidt, Scheppat, Angell
  • 4:30 All Girls
  • 5:15 Boys JV All remaining boys

Athletes not racing until cleared: Lena Alexander, Claire Putnam, Sienna Tremblay, Nikolai Evans, Elvin Liu, Joey Reising, Marvin Sabas, Rykley Braun and Kyle Huard

Hole in the Wall Invitational-October 12, 2019

Lakewood HS  17023 11th Ave. NE (Marysville) Lakewood, 98223

The bus leaves IHS at 7 AM. We should return some time between 6 and 7 PM.

Race Schedule and Entries:

9:40 AM Frosh/Soph 2 Boys Jonathan Liu, Delgadillo, Murphy, Wiederien, Mularoni, Scheppat, Bendt, Fulford, Streams, Konopka, Chollman

12:20 JV Girls under 24:00 Chen, M Tremblay, Aja Jensen, Mularoni, Wood, Greta Cavotta, Patterson, Roberts, Putnam

1:30 JV Boys under 21:00 Haas, Geisser, Takeuchi, Saviello, Chin, Huard, Schmidt, Jordan, Violette, Tenace, Miller, Mascavage, Bussey, Angell

3:00 Varsity Girls under 22:30 David-Smith, Hanson, Ryan, Anna Jensen, Padmanabhan, Wung, Nybonn

3:30 Varsity Boys under 18:00 Heninger, Fuhs, Barran, Carmichael, Imai-Takemura, Rosenkranz, C Tobey

Wednesday, October 9th meet at Riverbend Golf Course-North Bend

We have a meet on Wednesday for everyone who is eligible to compete. The meet features one half of the teams in Kingco 4A. Mt. Si will host us, Bothell, Woodinville and North Creek at their new course.

Buses leave the back parking lot at 2:30. Out of class at 2:15

Address: 14319 436th Ave SE in North Bend (just off Exit 32)

Directions for parking

Race Schedule:

  • 4:00 – Varsity Boys
  • 4:30 – All Girls
  • 5:00 – JV Boys

Course map

Once the Mt. Si coach gets back to us on Monday night, we will be able to tell the boys which of the two races they will be entered into. See you on Wednesday!

No parking is allowed at the Riverbend Cafe. Take Exit 32 and then an immediate right onto 142nd St. About 1/2 mile down the road you will be directed to the parking area.

Curtis XC Invitational-October 5, 2019 at Chambers Creek Properties Central Meadow

Address: 6320 Grandview Drive West, University Place, WA 98467
The bus will leave the back parking lot at 7AM. We should return around 4-5PM

There is no meet this week other than the Curtis Invitational on Saturday. Please review the following entries and let Gwen know on Monday whether or not you can attend. It is Salmon Days weekend so keep that in mind if you have other comittments. If you cannot attend we will enter someone else. Entries close Monday night.


9:00 Community Open Race Coach Ellie (she will preview and tell us how the course runs)

10:15 Boys JV Top 7  Delgadillo, Haas, Geisser, Murphy, Takeuchi, Wiederien, Saviello

10:45 Girls JV  Nybonn, M Tremblay, Aja Jensen, Mularoni, Wood, Greta Cavotta, Patterson

11:30 Boys Varsity (1-4) Heninger, Fuhs, Imai-Takemura, Barran

12:00 Girls Varsity (1-4) David-Smith, Hanson, Ryan, Anna Jensen

12:35 Boys Varsity (5-8) Carmichael, Rosenkranz, C Tobey, Jonathan Liu

1:05 Girls Varsity (5-8) Padmanabhan, Wung, Jain, Berry Chen

1:40 Boys JV OPEN Chin, Huard, Schmidt, Mularoni, Jordan, Scheppat, Violette, Tenace, Miller, Bendt, Fulford, Mascavage

Bellevue Invite@Lake Sammamish State Park-September 28, 2019

No bus is provided to/from the high school. Meet us at our tent. All JV runners should meet us by 8:30am to pick up race numbers. All Varsity runners should report by 11am to pick up numbers and cheer on teammates.
Email me at if you wake up sick and cannot make it.

Meet Schedule:
9:30 Boys Frosh/Soph JV OPEN
Mularoni, Scheppat, Bendt, Konopka, Streams, Chollman, Shibuya, R Welsh, Niemann, Yamada, Evans, Stowe, Heu-Weller, Soleibe, Benson, S Tobey, Goble, N Hunter, Daar, Lauritzen, Dong, Zarling, Arteche, Riggs, Short, Flett, Reising, Dillmeier, Chopra, LaFramboise, Vats, Huffaker, E Liu, Priestley, Gilbert, Yeo, McLachlan, Bates, Enander

10:15 Girls JV OPEN Ulitsch, Putnam, Iacomini, Arnold, Greta Cavotta, Spataro, Roberts, Patterson, Eddins, Grace Cavotta, Silva, McIntyre, Wang, Neville, Stuti, Grudin, Alexander, Rosenkranz, Kohorn, Annika Nielsen, Lindsey Nielsen, Madan

11:00 Boys Junior/Senior JV OPEN Chin, Huard, Violette, Schmidt, Jordan, Tenace, Miller, Angell, Mascavage, Kline, Silva, Braun, Bussey, Lessing, Anderson, Medieros, Liu, Thiagarajan

11:30 Girls JV M Tremblay, Mularoni, Nybonn, Aja Jensen, JuJu, Ulitsch, Hutson

12:00 Boys JV Takeuchi, Delgadillo, Jonathan Liu, Wiederien, Geisser, Saviello, Murphy

12:30 #7,8 Varsity Boys and Girls C Tobey, Haas, Jain, B Chen

1:00 #5,6 Varsity Boys and Girls Imai-Takemura, Rosenkranz, Padmanabhan, Wung

1:30 #3,4 Varsity Boys and Girls Carmichael, Barran, Ryan, Anna Jensen

2:00 #1,2 Varsity Girls David-Smith, Hanson

2:30 #1,2 Varsity Boys Henninger, Fuhs

Entries will be finalized today at practice. Kids will be told of any changes.