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Post Season

November 10th, Nike Cross Regionals, Boise, Idaho

The boys varsity team along with Julia David-Smith travelled to Boise with parents to compete in the NXR Meet. Sam Griffith raced in the Championship Division and finished an impressive 23rd place with a time of 15:52.6. Allen Aby ran a strong race leading the boys team in the Open Invitational Division with his 72nd place (out of 711). The other team competitors were Barry Diedericks, Jasper Fuhs, Jerry Imai-Takemura, Torin Carmichael, Sam Rosenkranz and Alex Darragh. The team placed 20th out of 84 teams. Well done, guys!

Julia ran a great race in the Championship Division. She finished 4th with a time of 17:42.3. Her top four finish qualified her to compete at the Nike Cross National meet in Portland on December 1st! Congratulations, Julia and we look forward to seeing how your race goes at the national meet.

November 17th, Border Clash, Nike Headquarters in Portland

Sam Griffith and Julia David-Smith were invited to run at the Nike sponsored Border Clash meet in Portland by their placement at the state meet in Pasco two weeks earlier. Border Clash takes the top runners from Washington and Oregon to see which state has the best team on that day. Scoring is the same a usual where the top five across the line for each state count in the team score. Once again, Washington came out on top. Washington boys beat Oregon boys 25-35 while the Washington girls defeated Oregon 20-41. Sam placed 37th out of 77 in 16:40.5. Julia finished 2nd in 18:09.7. Way to go Sam and Julia!

State Championships-November 3rd, 2018

Congratulations to all of the Eagles who competed!
On a 60 degree, cloudy and windy day in the Tri-Cities, the Issaquah athletes were excited to run their best on the new course. The course changes were made to make it more spectator friendly and also added a higher level of difficulty. With more hills and more turns the course seemed to run about 20-25 seconds slower than in previous years. This was obvious after the first two smaller classification races concluded.

The Issaquah girls team placed 7th finishing one place ahead of Kingco Champion, Redmond. The team was led by Julia David-Smith's fine second place finish in 18:01.7. Following Julia across the line were scoring runners Katie Riley in 31st, Jenna Heesacker 87th, Emma Jordan 93rd and Darwin Hanson 94th. Ella McKillop finished 147th and Mara Nowlan 153rd. Swathi Padmanabhan and Marissa Trembley were ready to step in as alternates.

The boys 4A race was the final one of the day. The Eagles team finished 14th and was led by Sam Griffith's 15:53.5 for a solid 19th place. Team scoring runners following Sam into the finish chute were Allen Aby in 88th, Barry Diedericks 112th, Jasper Fuhs 126th and Jerry Imai-Takemura 143rd. Sam Rosenkranz placed 146th and Alex Darragh 149th.
Alternates Torin Carmichael and Alec Barran were great at supporting their teammates.

Both Julia David-Smith and Sam Griffith earned All-State Honors!

Thanks to all of the parents and teammates who travelled to Pasco to cheer on the team.

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Sub Varsity Invitational-October 20th

Personal Records Everywhere!
On a beautiful day for running at Lake Sammamish State Park, the Eagles showed why the end of the season is the best time to run fast. The weather cooperated, the course was in great shape and our athletes came out to end their seasons on a high note! Nineteen out of thirty-seven girls had lifetime personal records and thirty out of fifty-two boys ran faster than they had ever run. Way to show how all of the hard work pays off!

Frosh/Soph Girls
3rd place team led by Aja Jensen in 7th and Maclaren Crow in 8th. The other three scoring runners were Emma Wijsman, Isabella Neville and Grace Cavotta.

Jr/Sr Girls
6th place team led by Tiffany Wung in 14th. The other four scoring runners were Maeve Patterson, Annika Nielsen, Megan Spataro and Izzy Grudin.

Top 7 Girls
4th place team led by Swathi Padmanabhan's 4th place with Marissa Tremblay, JuJu Hirao, Meara Norris and Brielle Arnold rounding out the top five scorers. 

Fr/Soph Boys
3rd place team led by Jonah Niemann's 2nd place finish. Included in the team score were Josh Geisser, Trevor Jordan, Brendan Wiederien and Cody Tenace.

Jr/Sr Boys
2nd place team. Caleb Kim's win followed by Ian Streams, Max Saviello, Aidan Miller and Trent Angell led the team to a close second place.

Top 7 Boys
And talk about close...
The team tied for first with Eastlake. Eastlake won the tie breaker based on the finish of their number 6 runner who was ahead of our 6th runner by 4 seconds! Great team race guys!
Torin Carmichael placed 4th followed by Alec Barran, Alex Takeuchi, Conner Tobey and Nic Chin to round out the top five scorers.

Thanks for the great finish to a great season!

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Awards Night-October 23rd-7pm

A message regarding the Munch n  Mingle
The Munch n Mingle following the Awards Presentation in the Theater takes place in the Commons. The kids really look forward to it. This activity is not possible without volunteers like you! Consider signing up at the following link to help clean up after the event.

Thanks for your help in making this a fun evening for the kids!

Kingco Championships-October 18th

Congratulations to both the girls and boys varsity teams on their State Qualifying Performances!
The girls team started the day placing second to Redmond by one point. Issy girls scored 69 points to Redmond's 68 points. Julia David-Smith earned the title of Kingco Champ in the 4A meet and had the fastest girls time of the day among 2A, 3A and 4A teams. Emma Jordan placed 11th, Jenna Heesacker 14th, Katie Riley 16th, Darwin Hanson 27th, Mara Nowlan 33rd and Ella McKillop 39th.

Sam Griffith led the boys team to third place with his outstanding 3rd place individual finish. He had a lifetime PR of 15:35. Allen Aby placed 12th, Barry Diedericks 14th, Jasper Fuhs 30th, Sam Rosenkranz 36th, Alex Darragh 41st and Jerry Imai-Takemura 43rd.

Congratulations to all athletes and alternates on bringing your "A Game". Thanks for the great day!

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Sub Varsity Invitational-October 20th-Lake Sammamish State Park

No Bus from the high school. Arrive on your own. All girls arrive by 9:45am and all boys by 10:30am. Discover Pass or $10 to park.
This will be the final meet of the season for all athletes who have not qualified for the State Meet.

 The following athletes need to check with Gwen before running in the meet: A Alba, F Kowalski, N Lydum, E Nowlan, G Phillips, C Streams, A Tebbe, P Rogers, E Losey and K Huard.

Athletes entered are as follows:

Girls Frosh/Soph at 11am
B Arnold, A Jensen, L Pederson, E Wijsman, M Crow, G Cavotta, I Neville, K McIntyre, Ashlyn Wang, A Iacomini, T White, M Gary, C Geiman, L Dunn, E Nowlan, J Young, I Rudramurthy, E Fuhs, A Tebbe, C Rogers, I Mullet, D Kohorn, R Shen, K Sikka, D Madan, A Alba

Boys Frosh/Soph at 11:45am
J Niemann, A Schmidt, B Wildereien, T Jordan, J Delgadillo, C Murphy, C Tenace, A Kundu, L Darragh, H Scheppat, M Wilkinson, M Yamada, M Mascavage, R Bendt, S Chopra, R Kline, R Braun, S Silva, S Thiagarajan, J Aliabadi, J Welsh, E Flett, G Soleibe, S Tobey, S Anderson, J Huffaker, N Hunter, C Streams, P Coulon, S Riggs, L Dillmeier, R Sriram, J Reising, Jaxon Bates, N Lydum, K Jackson, J Geisser, G Phillips, E Medeiros

Girls Jr/Sr at 12:30 pm
J Hirao, T Wung, A Nielsen, M Patterson, S Bhardwaj, M Spataro, I Grudin, Allison Wang, H Dang, S Gaston, P Thomas, L Nielsen, J Forenza, P Rogers

Boys Jr/Sr at 1:15pm
C Kim, I Streams, M Saviello, A Miller, I Anderson, T Angell, E Losey, K Huard, A Bussey, R Ballapragada, C Salter, Josh Bates, J Liu, F Kowalski, M Barnes, T Wilhite

Girls Sub Varsity Top 7 at 2:00pm
S Padmanabhan, GG Foster, M Tremblay, M Norris, G Cavotta, J Lai, B Chen

Boys Sub Varsity Top 7 at 2:30pm
T Carmichael, A Barran, C Tobey, M Violette, A Takeuchi, N Chin, S Haas

Kingco Championships-October 18th

Lake Sammamish State Park-Discover Pass or $10 to park
Out of class at 12:15 and the bus leaves at 12:30
The following boys and girls will be dismissed at 12:15 on Thursday, October 18th to attend the league championship meet:
Girls Varsity at 2:30pm Lane 1
Julia David-Smith, Katie Riley, Emma Jordan, Jenna Heesacker, Darwin Hanson, Mara Nowlan, Ella McKillop, Swathi Padmanabhan (alternate) and Marissa Tremblay (alternate).

Boys Varsity at 3:45pm Lane 9
Sam Griffith, Allen Aby, Barry Diedericks, Jasper Fuhs, Sam Rosenkranz, Alex Darragh, Jerry Imai-Takemura, Alec Barran (alternate) and Torin Carmichael (alternate).

Alternates are expected to go with the team and be ready to run. Any athlete who does not run on Thursday will be allowed to run the Sub Varsity Meet on Saturday.