Cross Country Update

Hello athletes and families,

It has been a great first week of the season. The Time Trial was a great event and we want to thank our Booster for providing bagels, drinks, and doughnuts! Reminders: Athletes need to bring water bottles, have good supportive running shoes, and if possible a stopwatch (doesn't need to be fancy, just one that has stop watch capability). Please look ahead at the race schedule and let Coach Liza know ASAP if you cannot attend a race (which is an absence). We are scheduling busses and paying for meet entries now, so we will need accurate info. 

Upcoming Practices:
Monday, August 30 - Freshman will start practice at 3 pm at the softball field so they will be done by the 4 pm orientation event being hosted at the High School.
Regular Practice for all others will be at the regular time = 4:30 at softball field

Starting Tuesday, August 31 going forward - Squad Check ins will be at 3:45 pm at the softball fields. Running warmups will start at 4 pm and we will be done ~5:30-6:00 depending on workout. Athletes can bring all the gear to the dug outs to store under covered. 

Time Trial Results are posted:

Meet Schedule:

Class Race Thursday, Sept 2nd at Lk Sammamish State Park
Bus Leaves school at 2:30 - be on time! You will need a ride AFTER races from the State Park, no bus back to school.
Must have 8 practices before Thursday
Everyone goes to race even if not eligible and it counts as a practice
Race times:

Communication with coaches - absences
Athletes (we are building their independence, so families - you are off the hook) need to email Coach D, Coach Liza, and Coach Brookshire any absences as soon as possible, not at the start of practice. Also, email coaches any updates on injuries or other information. 
Coach Liza -
Coach Brookshire -
Coach Donnelly -

Shop Issaquah XC Swag Store: Need all orders in by Sept 5th!

Presentation from the Athlete and Family Meeting on Thursday, please review it.

Uniforms will be checked out August 31st.

Info about pictures coming soon.


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