Curtis XC Invitational-October 5, 2019 at Chambers Creek Properties Central Meadow

Address: 6320 Grandview Drive West, University Place, WA 98467
The bus will leave the back parking lot at 7AM. We should return around 4-5PM

There is no meet this week other than the Curtis Invitational on Saturday. Please review the following entries and let Gwen know on Monday whether or not you can attend. It is Salmon Days weekend so keep that in mind if you have other comittments. If you cannot attend we will enter someone else. Entries close Monday night.


9:00 Community Open Race Coach Ellie (she will preview and tell us how the course runs)

10:15 Boys JV Top 7  Delgadillo, Haas, Geisser, Murphy, Takeuchi, Wiederien, Saviello

10:45 Girls JV  Nybonn, M Tremblay, Aja Jensen, Mularoni, Wood, Greta Cavotta, Patterson

11:30 Boys Varsity (1-4) Heninger, Fuhs, Imai-Takemura, Barran

12:00 Girls Varsity (1-4) David-Smith, Hanson, Ryan, Anna Jensen

12:35 Boys Varsity (5-8) Carmichael, Rosenkranz, C Tobey, Jonathan Liu

1:05 Girls Varsity (5-8) Padmanabhan, Wung, Jain, Berry Chen

1:40 Boys JV OPEN Chin, Huard, Schmidt, Mularoni, Jordan, Scheppat, Violette, Tenace, Miller, Bendt, Fulford, Mascavage

One thought on “Curtis XC Invitational-October 5, 2019 at Chambers Creek Properties Central Meadow”

  1. Excited to see this! Jenna’s racing the collegiate group at 3pm in this meet. She’s hoping to cheer on her former Eagle teammates if she can arrive in time.

    sent from a happy place 🙂



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