Bellevue Invite Recap (9/28/19)

Through squishy sand, slippery, slidey surfaces in the sun, and Sweet Baby Ray’s sandwiches, the superb Issaquah XC squad ran stupendously at Lake Sammamish State Park on Saturday! After every race, it was so exciting to see so many of you smiling because of PRs and sub 21, sub 20, sub 19, sub whatever pesky barrier it was that you finally conquered. LOVED seeing the team support – especially those of you who came early or stayed until the end to cheer on your teammates. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.

Everyone’s favorite part of the course: Saviello, Wiederien, Murphy (pc Lawrie Robertson)

Team Results

**2 types of scoring for this meet**

  • Traditional: Scores based on varsity races combined. Top 5 runners from each team score, as usual.
  • Bellevue Invite scoring: Total of the places of each runner in their respective individual varsity race (all 8 runners contribute to the score).


  • Traditional: 7th
  • Invite scoring: 10th


  • Traditional: 11th
  • Invite scoring: 9th (this means the boys team runs deep!)

All results

Congrats to Julia David Smith who, surprise surprise, took first overall!

David Smith crushing it! (pc Lawrie Robertson)

Overall, a solid day for Issaquah. Thanks, kids, for always bringing such great energy and uplifting each other. As always, a huge thanks to all the fans for cheering our runners on! Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday 🙂 See ya at practice tomorrow!

One thought on “Bellevue Invite Recap (9/28/19)”

  1. Ha ha, very cute & fun post! Sorry I missed last weeks post, had to hangout with the family (oof!)!

    Great run from everyone again, hope the next run is just as good!


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