Issaquah @ Bothell Meet Recap (9/25/19)

What a beautiful day for a meet! These eagles did some fantastic running (or sliding, if you’re Jonathan Liu). Saw many strong Issy packs and fierce finishes, especially Stuti, who is now the latest recruit for the sprint squad. Also, KUDOS to you all for getting off the bus, organizing yourselves, and learning the course right away. Makes all of our lives easier 🙂

Lost and confused or visualizing their races? Whichever it was, they did great! (pc Megan Haas)

Team Scores


  • Issaquah 17, Bothell 44
  • Scoring 5: Heninger (1), Imai-Takemura (2), Carmichael (3), Barran (5), Fuhs (6)
096 - 2019 09 25 - Issaquah Bothelll at St. Edwards.jpg
Top 5 guys mid-way through – Fuhs, Henninger, Imai-Takemura, Barran, Carmichael (pc Lawrie Robertson)


  • Issaquah 30, Bothell 25
  • Scoring 5: David Smith (1), Hanson (5), Ryan (6), Anna Jensen (8), Padmanabhan (10)
Girls at start (pc Megan Haas)

All results (all of this season’s results are updated in the Cross Country 2019 Results section btw)


  • Boys earned a SOLID win with the scoring 5 in the top 6 (feat. a 1 thru 3 clean sweep! Dust em guys!)
  • Julia David Smith and Liam Heninger won their races
  • Julia David Smith also ran “definitely by far the fastest time by a girl on this course” according to Bothell Coach Shelby
  • Many season bests and PRs and all around! PROUD OF YOU KIDS.

As always, a big ol shout out to all the fans (the human and the furry kind…the doggo love is much appreciated).

It’s that time in the season when you should start to feel comfortable with your pre-race routine and know what gets you excited and ready to race. Josh Geisser would like to inform everyone that cantaloupe is a no-go right before a race…unless you’ve tested it and genuinely thrive off of cantaloupe. No surprises on race day is generally a good rule of thumb though. Take note of your thoughts on this race and the course, since we’ll be back at St. Edward in a few weeks!

Coming to a Lake Sammamish State Park near you is…the Bellevue Invite! This Saturday! So keep up that “power posing.” Refer to a quah girl if you do not know what that means.

Who?? HA! Issaquah! (pc Megan Haas)


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