Issaquah vs. Bothell at St. Edward State Park-Wednesday, September 25, 2019

There will be two races this week. All boys run at 4pm and all girls at 4:45pm. The course is mostly flat with some rolling hills. Grass, dirt, trails with some roots and bits of pavement make up the 5K course. Our athletes have worn cross country spikes in the past.

Discover Pass or $10 fee is necessary for parking.

Athletes have early release at 2pm. The buses leave from the back parking lot at 2:15. Don't be late because we won't wait!

The following four athletes will not be running: Lucas Enander, Mimi Chen, Jillian Feldman and Kareena Sikka.

The following athletes might run pending eligibility: Rykley Braun, Marvin Sabas, Aditi Prabhala, Eliza Fuhs, India Hutson and Lindsey Nielsen. 

Please talk to Gwen at practice if you have any questions

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