Newport @ Issaquah Meet Recap (9/17/19)

Way to get after it yesterday Issy!! WINS ALL AROUND!!!! If anyone couldn’t tell from the hills, roots, rocks, slips, falls, falling over rocks, our new and exciting course is GRITTY. You all toughed it out, got up when you fell, and made the best of “Ellie’s Trail.” Running hard races like this is what ultimately will make you a stronger, faster, adaptable runner. No wimps allowed here.


2x winning: Both Girls and Boys Teams took the win over Newport

Senya ladies. They grow up so fast :’) (pc: @quahgirlsxc)


  • Issaquah: 26
    • Scoring 5: David Smith (1), Hanson (2), Ryan (4), Anna Jensen (8), Pederson (11)
  • Newport: 30
Boys from first race (pc: Megan Haas<3)


  • Issaquah: 27
    • Scoring 5: Heninger (3), Fuhs (4), Barran (5), Imai-Takemura (7), Rosenkranz (8)
  • Newport: 31

Also…Julia David Smith set the course record for the girls! 18:18.61

All results

HUGE SHOUT OUT to all the volunteers who helped out!! You all did your jobs flawlessly, and the meet went very smoothly because of that. Still not sure how those 2 Newport girls got lost, but sometimes you just can’t save them all.

Take advantage of your eeeeasy recovery run today. Very proud of everyone 🙂 GDTBAE!

3 thoughts on “Newport @ Issaquah Meet Recap (9/17/19)”

  1. These blog posts are bloody exciting. My adrenaline gets pumping for these kids. You should have a contest to name the trail. ‘Ellie’s Trail’ pales in comparison to Heartbreak or The Swamp. Just sayin’ 😎


  2. This team never ceases to amaze me. Love to see those double wins at the nest. I enjoy following these blog posts- the descriptive adjectives and excited tone makes me feel as though I was at the race! Roll on you eagles (:

    Liked by 1 person

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