Sub Varsity Invitational-October 20th-Lake Sammamish State Park

No Bus from the high school. Arrive on your own. All girls arrive by 9:45am and all boys by 10:30am. Discover Pass or $10 to park.
This will be the final meet of the season for all athletes who have not qualified for the State Meet.

 The following athletes need to check with Gwen before running in the meet: A Alba, F Kowalski, N Lydum, E Nowlan, G Phillips, C Streams, A Tebbe, P Rogers, E Losey and K Huard.

Athletes entered are as follows:

Girls Frosh/Soph at 11am
B Arnold, A Jensen, L Pederson, E Wijsman, M Crow, G Cavotta, I Neville, K McIntyre, Ashlyn Wang, A Iacomini, T White, M Gary, C Geiman, L Dunn, E Nowlan, J Young, I Rudramurthy, E Fuhs, A Tebbe, C Rogers, I Mullet, D Kohorn, R Shen, K Sikka, D Madan, A Alba

Boys Frosh/Soph at 11:45am
J Niemann, A Schmidt, B Wildereien, T Jordan, J Delgadillo, C Murphy, C Tenace, A Kundu, L Darragh, H Scheppat, M Wilkinson, M Yamada, M Mascavage, R Bendt, S Chopra, R Kline, R Braun, S Silva, S Thiagarajan, J Aliabadi, J Welsh, E Flett, G Soleibe, S Tobey, S Anderson, J Huffaker, N Hunter, C Streams, P Coulon, S Riggs, L Dillmeier, R Sriram, J Reising, Jaxon Bates, N Lydum, K Jackson, J Geisser, G Phillips, E Medeiros

Girls Jr/Sr at 12:30 pm
J Hirao, T Wung, A Nielsen, M Patterson, S Bhardwaj, M Spataro, I Grudin, Allison Wang, H Dang, S Gaston, P Thomas, L Nielsen, J Forenza, P Rogers

Boys Jr/Sr at 1:15pm
C Kim, I Streams, M Saviello, A Miller, I Anderson, T Angell, E Losey, K Huard, A Bussey, R Ballapragada, C Salter, Josh Bates, J Liu, F Kowalski, M Barnes, T Wilhite

Girls Sub Varsity Top 7 at 2:00pm
S Padmanabhan, GG Foster, M Tremblay, M Norris, G Cavotta, J Lai, B Chen

Boys Sub Varsity Top 7 at 2:30pm
T Carmichael, A Barran, C Tobey, M Violette, A Takeuchi, N Chin, S Haas

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