Hole in the Wall-Saturday, October 6th

Lakewood HS  17023 11th Ave. NE      ( Marysville)  Lakewood 98223
Bus leaves at 7:00am; Arrive at 6:45am; Return at 6:00-7:00pm

Varsity runners may come to the meet with their parents as long as we know ahead of time. We want you to arrive by Noon.

1/4 inch spikes or less are allowed. Officials will check each shoe!

Entries are as follows:

 Frosh/Soph Boys  Jerry Imai-Takemura, Andrew Schmidt, Spencer Haas, Brendan Wiederien, Trevor Jordan, Jonah Nieman, Josh Delgadillo, Aryan Kundu

  JV Boys  Torin Carmichael, Alex Takeuchi, Conner Tobey, Ian Streams, Max Saviello, Caleb Kim, Nic Chin, Mike Violette, Aidan Miller

 Varsity Boys  Sam Griffith, Allen Aby, Barry Diedericks, Jasper Fuhs, Sam Rosenkranz, Alec Barran, Alex Darragh

 JV Girls  GG Foster, Swathi Padmanabhan, Marissa Tremblay, Meara Norris, Jordan Lai, Greta Cavotta, Berry Chen, Brielle Arnold

 Varsity Girls  Julia David-Smith, Katie Riley, Emma Jordan, Mara Nowlan, Jenna Heesacker, Ella McKillop, Darwin Hanson

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