North Creek @ Issaquah-October 3rd

Parent volunteers please report to the tent at 4:05pm.
The second and last home meet of the season takes place on Wednesday, October 3rd. The race schedule is as follows:

4:35  All Girls

5:15  Varsity Boys-Sam Griffith, Allen Aby, Barry Diedericks, Jasper Fuhs, Sam Rosenkranz, Alex Darragh, Alec Barran, Jerry Imai-Takemura, Torin Carmichael, Ian Streams, Alex Takeuchi, Caleb Murphy, Caleb Kim, Conner Tobey, Mike Violette, Nic Chin, Jonah Niemann, Andrew Schmidt, Brendan Wiederien, Max Saviello, Cody Tenace, Aidan Miller, Trevor Jordan, Spencer Haas, Josh Delgadillo, Aryan Kundu, Issac Anderson, Trent Angell, Matt Mascavage, Kyle Huard, Mizuki Yamada, Ellis Losey

5:40  All Remaining Boys

Students are out of class at 3:45, change into uniforms and report to the track as soon as possible. Pick up name tags from Ms. Henry at the purple tent near the finish line.

Spikes are not recommended.

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