Congratulations to the following athletes who qualified for a 2-day bus trip to KingCo on Wed May 9th and Friday May 11th at Skyline HS

Please notify either Tracy or Ms Ryker if you are unable to commit to competing, as the scratch deadline is Monday at noon.  After Monday at noon, if you scratch one event, you scratch all!

Boys 110H – Matt W and Nick G

Boys 1600m – Luke G, Sam G, Jordan C, Jared P, Barry D

Boys 400m – Garrett W and Cam R (alt 2)

Boys 300H – Matt W and Caleb K

Boys 800m – Luke G, Dil T, Nick R, Davis C

Boys 3200m – Sam G, Jared P, Jenner S, Jordan C

Boys 4x400R – Garrett, Nick R, Dil T, Luke G, Barry D, Sam G

Boys HJ – Stephan S (starting height 5’4)

Boys PV – Cooper H, Caleb K (starting height 10’0)

Boys LJ – Jack P, Brandon F

Boys Shot – Joey J, Simon T, Ben E, Brandon L (alt 3)

Boys Discus – Joey J, Trent Z

Boys Javelin – Simon T, Trent Z

Girls 4x200R – Grace C, Savannah W, Kenzie C, Elise B, Kamryn B, Kelsey M

Girls 100H – Rebecca E

Girls 100m – Grace C

Girls 1600m – Julia D-S, Sami C, Kenna C, Emma J, Lauren H, Jenna H, Ella M (alt 1)

Girls 4x100R –  Grace C, Savannah W, Kelsey M, Ruth Q, Rebecca E, Kamryn B

Girls 400 – Elise B, Kenzie C

Girls 300H – Rebecca E, Meara N (alt 1), Lorelai D (alt 3)

Girls 800m – Sami C, Katie R, Mara N, India H

Girls 200m – Elise B, Kenzie C, Grace C

Girls 3200m – Julia D-S, Kenna C, Lauren H, Emma J, Jenna H, Ella M

Girls 4x400R – Kenzie C, Julia D-S, Sami C, Elise B, Katie R, Kenna C

Girls HJ – Claire K, Maren L (starting height 4’6)

Girls PV – Izzy G (starting height 8’0)

Girls LJ – Claire K, Meara N (alt1), Ruth Q (alt 2)

Girls Shot – Renee H (alt 2)

Girls Discus – Natalie M, Paka F

Girls Javelin – Natalie M, Lauren M, Paka F

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