Fund’raising’ the bar

Hello Eagles Track Athletes & Parents!

We are launching a fundraising effort tomorrow, 4/25.

Raising funds is important and required to run a first class, quality Track program. But as I’m sure you are aware, it’s a lot of stress and effort for everyone (students, families, and coaches). FanAngel was designed to make this endeavor easier. The platform is simple to use, highlights the team, and make sure your efforts are as successful as possible, thereby reducing the stress of other types of fundraising that would otherwise be necessary.

To be successful, we need your help. Each family is asked to do their small part to make this fundraising program a success. It will take EVERYONE’S participation to make it work.

The funds you raise this year will be used towards the purchase of a new pole vaulting pit. A quality pit costs about $20K – $26K. We will likely have to get multiple sources to help fund this as it is a big expenditure for the team. In addition to this big expenditure we also have other expenses throughout the season such as other equipment for shot, javelin and discus, the FAT (fully automatic timing system), high jump/long jump elevated platform, hurdles and invitational fees.

What we ask of you is small, but has a big impact:

Have your athlete collect a minimum of 10 (or more) quality email addresses of their biggest supporters. Print or save these on their smartphone and bring this list/smartphone to practice on or before our launch date of 4/25/18.
Bring a smartphone if possible on that date so we can do this while Lisa Clawson, our parent rep is there. If your athlete does not have smartphone, they can do it from any internet connected computer.
Each athlete will have a collection goal of $200.
On the launch date, each athlete will be asked to create an account, take a profile photo, and enter their supporters’ email addresses on FanAngel so the campaign can launch successfully. A video tutorial on entering emails:

On launch day or at home (depending on your coach/booster), the student/family will use THIS URL to create an account and share with supporters:

Things parents should know:

FanAngel uses the industry most secure privacy and protection standards. Emails are never shared or sold.
FanAngel’s automation will send supporters up to two reminders. One after 3 days, one after 10 days, and another three days prior to the end of the campaign. If the supporter has donated, they will “not” receive additional reminders. Moreover, the supporter has the ability to unsubscribe at any time.
After 7 days, if there seems to be something wrong with an email address (mistyped, junk folder, etc), you will receive a notification and be prompted to reach out directly (simply forward the email from your personal account and/or call the supporter).
When donors visit the page, they will see the athlete’s individual goal. Individual goals will initially show $100 and may be increased to $200 when their initial mark has been met. This staged goal has been proven to increase campaign results.
Creating your supporter list can sometimes feel difficult. Use the following list to help find quality supporters who both have the desire and means to support the program. If you’re not sure if someone would be interested, we recommend adding them. You’ll be surprised who is happy to support the program.

Donor Idea List

Family Friends
Great Grandparents, Great Aunts/Uncles
Community: doctors, dentists, lawyers
Parent’s Co-workers
Church/Social Friends
Parent’s Best Friends
Alumni friends
**Please do not include Teachers and Student Peers.

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