Hole in the Wall Invitational-October 7th

Lakewood High School-Lakewood, WA 98259

Directions: Take I-5 North to exit 206. Go west about 1 mile and the school is on the left.

 The bus leaves Issaquah High School at 7AM and returns about 6-7PM.

 Bring water or prerace and post race liquids along with a snack to eat before and/or after your race. You must wear your school issued uniform. 1/4th inch pyramid spikes are allowed. They usually have invitational t-shirts for sale. Bring a large plastic bag and dry clothes and shoes if needed.

Race Schedule and Issaquah Entries

 10:20 Boys Frosh/Soph 1 (lane 13)        Jasper Fuhs, Sam Rosenkranz, Nic Chin, Caleb Kim, Torin Carmichael, Ian Streams, Aidan Miller, Mike Violette, Conner Tobey, Alex Takeuchi, Trent Angell, Spencer Haas, Kyle Huard, Max Saviello

12:20 JV Girls under 24:00 (lane 22)       Ella McKillop, Jenna Heesacker, Swathi Padmanabhan, Jordan Lai, Meara Norris, Izzy Grudin, Megan Spataro, Brielle Arnold, Kaliela Benson, Kathryn McIntyre

1:30 JV Boys under 21:00 (lane 39)     Jenner Sapienza, Nick Rodgers, Caleb Losey, Alex Darragh, David Jackson, Davis Carmichael, Dan Constantinescu, Nathan Streams, Isaac Anderson, Lucas Dolliver, Alex Schmidt

3:00 Varsity Girls under 22:30 (lane 37)    Julia David-Smith, Kenna Clawson, Sami Corman, Lauren Haas, Andie Kolasinski, Emma Jordan, Katie Riley

3:30 Varsity Boys under 18:00 (lane 30)   Luke George, Sam Griffith, Jared Putney, Barry Diedericks, Jordan Crist, Allen Aby, Dil Thiagarajan



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