Wednesday, September 20th meet

Issaquah, Mt. Si and Woodinville

September 20, 2017

Lake Sammamish State Park

Discover Pass needed to enter park or $10 fee

Athletes who have met the eligibility requirements will be entered and will attend this meet.  There will not be practice for those who are not entered in the meet.

Athletes not entered are Pierce Moen, Mara Nowlan, Alex Hutchinson

Athletes who may be entered but need to check with Gwen are Kobi Sunday (2), Michael McCaffrey (1), Preston Hunter (1), Lauren Martinez (1), Rodger Kline and Dani Madan

For those athletes entered in the meet, early dismissal is 2:30pm. Buses leave promptly at 2:45 from the back parking lot by the auxiliary gym. Please do not be late. Come dressed in your uniform. If you do not have time to change, you can do so at the park.

Bring water or prerace and post race liquids along with a snack to eat before and/or after your race. You must wear your school issued uniform. Spikes are allowed.

Race Schedule

4:15                  All Boys

5:00                  All Girls

The bus will return to Issaquah High School between 6:00 and 6:30pm.


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