Steilacoom Invite

Girls Team Invite Champions and Boys Team 6th

Full results on

This was the first time Issaquah attended this invitational in it’s 19 year history. With a great course and good weather (minus the smoke), our athletes had an outstanding day. With over 3100 athletes entered in the meet, it was a cross country extravaganza.

The varsity boys team had a strong showing with their 6th place finish (out of 15) in the Gold Race. Luke George was the top finisher in 14th followed by Sam Griffith (26th), Barry Diedericks (47th), Jared Putney (50th), Jordan Crist (52nd), Dil Thiagarajan (63rd), Allen Aby (72nd) and Jenner Sapienza (77th).

The varsity girls team ended the day as CHAMPIONS in the Gold Race beating Camas by 31 points. Julia David-Smith won the meet, followed by Sami Corman (2nd), Kenna Clawson (4th), Lauren Haas (15th), Emma Jordan (29th), Ella McKillop (30th) and Jenna Heesacker (49th).

Congratulations to all of the Issaquah Eagles for a very good day!

Lawrie Robertson photos from this meet are here.

David Streams photos from this meet are here.



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