September 6 Class Race

Important update:

Issaquah High School XC team will not participate in the event today per the Issaquah School District Air Quality Concerns Announcement. Athletes, please show up at Aux Gym at 4:15 for an indoor practice and wear your uniforms for a team photo.

Kingco 2 mile Class Race

September 6, 2017

Lake Sammamish State Park

Fans: Discover Pass needed to enter park or $10 fee 

Athletes who have met the eligibility requirements will be entered and will attend this meet. If your your name says you need 1 or 2, that means you need that number of practices before you are eligible for Wednesday’s Classs Race (please refer to updated practice information). If you do not get those practices in before Wednesday, you will not be able to compete in the meet. There will not be practice for those who are not entered in the meet.

For those athletes entered in the meet, early dismissal is 2:35pm after 5th period (you will miss the assembly and 6th period) and the buses leave promptly at 2:50 from the back parking lot by the auxiliary gym. Please do not be late. Come dressed in your uniform. If you do not have time to change, you can do so at the park.

Bring water or prerace and post race liquids along with a snack to eat before and/or after your race. You must wear your school issued uniform.

Below is the race schedule and our entries. If you are not listed you do not go to the meet.

4:30                  9th grade boys: Landon Aho, Jacob Aliabadi, Josh Brueckman, Joshua Geisser, Spencer Haas, Ethan Madeiros, Nick Lydum, Rykley Braun (needs 1), Mike Ma (needs 1), Sid Thiagarajan (needs 2), Jack Welsh (needs 1)

4:50                  9th grade girls: Julia David-Smith, Kathryn McIntyre, Meara Norris, Brielle Arnold (needs 1), Danielle Kohorn (needs 1)

5:10                  10th grade boys: Trent Angell, Jasper Fuhs, Aedan Henry, Kyle Huard, Caleb Kim, Jason Liu, Aidan Miller, Arie Prout, Sam Rosenkranz, Max Saviello, Ian Streams, Conner Tobey, Tanner Wilhite, Torin Carmichael (needs 1), Nic Chin, Glen McInerney, Alex Takeuchi, Mike Violette, Kobi Sunday (needs 1)

5:30                  10th grade girls: Kaliela Benson, Izzy Grudin, Jasmine Nie, Annika Nielsen, Swathi, Aditi, Megan Spataro

5:50                  11th grade boys: Josh Bates, Alex Darragh, Barry Diedericks, Sam Griffith, Cameron Salter, Allen Aby, Ellis Losey

6:10                  11th grade girls: Jenna Heesacker, Emma Jordan, Jordan Lai, Ella McKillop, Katie Riley, Siena Gaston, Mara Nowlan, Peyton Rogers, Haley Dang (needs 2)

6:30                  12th grade boys: Davis Carmichael, Dan C., Jordan Crist, Luke George, David Jackson, Caleb Losey, Jared Putney, Nick Rodgers, Jenner Sapienza, Nathan Streams, Dil, Alex Hutchinson, Alex Schmidt

6:50                  12th grade girls: Kenna Clawson, Sami Corman (needs 1), Lauren Haas, Izzy Gruby, Victoria Lasch, Cecilia Bailey

The bus will return to Issaquah High School between 8:00 and 8:30pm.

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